It’s nice to see that I am not alone! I could drink more alcohol than any man I’ve ever known before my gallbladder surgery. I had my surgery one month ago. I’ve had at most a couple glasses of wine since the surgery. The other evening I went out with friends and had about 5 good size glasses of red wine stretched out over hours but it was the worst “SICK” I’ve ever had! I watch what I eat and know what to eat and what not to eat so that wasn’t the problem. When I started feeling sick, I had indeed had a slight headache for a couple hours. I started vomiting uncontrollably from that night and ALL of the next day. I vomited a yellow substance when I had nothing left in my stomach. I could sip on water or gaterade and would violently vomit afterwards and lets not forget the diarrhea. I honestly thought I may have contracted a virus or something but now after reading online, I believe it was the alcohol. It’s so weird, before my surgery, I could put two bottles of wine away ez and not be falling down drunk and definitely not sick. And, I still don’t feel 100% well and it’s been two days now. Hopefully will feel better tomorrow.