“Ahhhh… the ol’ rotten gall-bladder surgery-sydrome…

supposedly all this stuff is ‘normal’ afterwards!!

I had mine out sometime around 1999 (cant remember what yr, it was so long ago). Granted, i was having terrible attacks and really needed it removed. My aunt had warned me about what digestive problems to expect afterwards (‘dumping’), and i asked the surgeon ahead of time – who had said he’d removed 1000’s of them – and he said he never heard of these side effects!

Afterwards i was OK for a while, but then started with the pains after meals, especially the first meal of the day – and then the dumping. I did find that high-fat foods were the worst. I was afraid to eat out anywhere, due to the problems. I did find that if i ate a small amount, and brought the rest home, i’d be OK usually. I used to joke and say maybe they gave me the stomach bypass surgery along with it!

You really must avoid sodas, eating fast, and any large amount of a high-fat food… unless you are at home and dont mind the pain. Chewable Gas-X helps a bit with that, too.

In the years since, i’ve developed what can only be compared to the gallbladder attacks of the old days – only not QUITE as bad. It’s crazy. I usually Google everything and try to figure it out. I think i may have diverticul-osis, or -itis, now… who knows. Nuts are THE worst for me.

But i have heard there is a medicine you can get from your doc for the pains and the dumping syndrome. I just control mine more on my own now, becuz i hate taking more and more meds.

It just would have been nice to really know about all the side affects of the surgery ahead of time.”