“To: Any who can help
Thanks to everyone who has written in. Your comments have helped a lot. Sorry to the people who wrote in 2000 what Im feeling now. Not much hope if we’re still saying the same thing 7 years later. My story: I have had acid reflux, ulcers, stomach cramping/pain, constipation or toilet sprints, since I was about 13 (30 now) after my second child Dec 96, I started having pains in the rib cage area on right side. Doc said it was my body getting back to normal after baby. Almost ten years later (04/06) my fiance died causing depression/stress unimaginable and leaving behind a 9 month old son and my 12 yr old daughter. That is when all the above body problems got out of control. 8/06 I started talking to my doc about seriously starting tests (everyone said no need in the past). He still said “”not needed, all of it is stress””. A month later I began to have pain so bad I thought I was going to die, but within 15 minutes it was gone. This went on until the surgery. I thought I was going crazy. 11/06 My friend took me to the ER because we thought I was having a heart attack (she’s in nursing). They hooked me up to an EKG monitor, I was still having twinges of pain, but all they said was my heart sped up with my pains and slowed. I had a x rays, an mri and an ultrasound. They said all is fine go home and get some rest. Same thing 2 days later. Rushed to (different) hospital, more xrays and another ultrasound, all is fine and back home to rest but this time told to call my doc. Called him and he brushed me off for 2 days. I told him if he didn’t send me to a professional I was going to the hospital until they found something and then sue him. He called a surgeon, she was at the hospital where all my latest tests were. After looking at them, she called me for me to go to the hospital for a special test. They put a dye in me and monitored it for (2) 45 min sessions. I was supposed to wait there until she was told the results. By the time I was done redressing (10am), I was told that I had an appt at the hospital the next day at & 7am to have my gb taken out. I was supposed to go to her office right then for explanation then go home and plan for me to be out of commission for the next week (as far as my kids were concerned) and to tell my boss I’d see him in 3-4 wks. My explanation was my gb opening wasn’t putting out the amount of bile it should have been but bile was still being produced. Basically my gb was going to burst. As far as after, all she said was it would take about a year for my body to be totally better and to watch my fatty/spicy foods. Why the ultrasound didn’t show a rather large gb, who knows. Never did anyone tell me about: possible dumping syndrome. Actually, she said my bowel problems would be worked out and normal after this was done. NOT!!! First, I woke up and all I could hear was a person in pain moaning ohhhh over and over and wanted them to shut up. I was so groggy I didn’t realize that person was me until they put something under my nose and I felt like someone was stabbing me repeatedly in the side. My O2 level dropped to 68 and wouldn’t come up. They finally got it to 80 and sent me to recovery, still moaning a lot. They doped me up some more and within 1 1/2 hrs I went home where I spent the next 2 days not eating, sipping water, taking pills, moaning, only getting up to go to the bathroom, and could only lie on my left side w/pillow under me. On the 3rd day, moving around some and eating a bite or 2. 4th day a little more movement/food. 5th day!!! Eating more-BATHROOM SPRINTS START. I ate, I ran to toilet, it was gone. This went on for about 2 weeks. Then all of a sudden I was fine. Surgery was the day b4 Thanksgiving of 06 and by the 6th of Dec I was in Mexico. A trip planned for almost a year. Fine the whole time there eating almost normal food. The end of Dec the bathroom sprints started again but not too bad. Still so so in July 07 feeling almost back to normal. Aug 2nd, I started the b-room sprints 5/6 times a day, whether I ate/drank or not. All different times of the day. Also, gb attack pains at other times. BAD! Can’t nail what could have triggered it. Nothing has changed. Been w/a weight management company for the last 3 months that teaches you good and bad foods, what certain foods do to your body, and how to eat healthy w/out loosing the flavor plus working out while being monitored. Can’t figure out what is going on. All that comes out of me is water consistency and looks like nothing I’ve seen. (sorry for the nasty description) Called the doc, he said it was probably part of the recovery. Same from the surgeon. Tried to go to a different doc and they said with problems after a surgery, I should stay w/the docs I’ve been going to because they know what’s going on. Apparantly not!!! I have no insurance. No one will pay for preexisting problems. I don’t know what to do and I don’t want to end up seeing lots of docs, having lots of tests, ending up w/no answers. Any one have ideas what to do??? Taking care of 12 yr old and 2 year old w/no dad. Can’t afford to miss work so I’m still working w/this problem in a busy customer service and sales job. Any ideas/suggestions would greatly be appreciated.”