I had my gallbladder removed july of 2008 becuase it was only emptying a 11%. I never had any acid reflux in my entire life except during my pregnancy. Now its been almost a year since the gall bladder removal. I noticed a couple months before my gall bladder was removed only a couple times i had heartburn when i drank water. I thought to myself that was very strange. Shortly after i got the gall bladder out i noticed the back my throat was getting red at times. Now as months have gone my throat has been feeling raw but i wasn’t feeling heartburn. Then i went to my ENT he said i did not have a bacteria affection it looks like the cause of my throat being red & irritated was from acid reflux. He prescibed prislec to heal the throat. I took the medicine for 3 or 4 days. I hate medicines and don’t wanna take medicines unless its going to cure the problem. Anyways now a couple months since i seen the ENT the aicd reflux has gotten bad no matter what i eat or drink. I thought maybe i got a ulcer so i seen a Gastro. doc & they did a endoscope but said there was no ulcer & I may have to take prisolec long term. I TOLD HIM I NEVER HAD ACID REFLUX WHAT COULD OF ALL OF A SUDDEN MAKE ME HAVE THIS? He said it just happends. He seemed to not really care about finding the cause just giving me the medicine. I know these antacids are not healthy for you. You can’t absorb nutrients & minerals your body needs. Which leads to all kind other problems.