“I had my gallbladder removed in August of 2008, for the first few months no problems, after that I has pain in the same place my gbladder was, I would also get this pains that were not like anything I have ever felt before, the pain was under my shoulder blades.. OMG.. hurt so bad that they had to put me Oxycontin. After doing several research I found a post by a Dr. that had his gbladder removed and he said that the reason people still get acid reflux is because of the bile that is constantly going through our digestive tract, he recommended a product called LYPO GOLD, I bought it at the health food store, I also experienced weight gain, I went from 183lbs to 210lbs.. the pounds started coming off after I took the Lypo Gold and he also recommended FLAX SEED OIL, I take 9 pills a day. Since then, I have had NO problems, NO PAIN and I am down to 190lbs. I am not a Doctor nor do I am I authorized to give medical advice, this is what worked for me.

Another issue.. Why are so many people in their 30s having their gallbladder go bad? Everyone of my cousins have had their gblader removed, there are 10 of us!! I had no gal stones, mine just quit working.. it became enlarged and hurt so bad..

I think our generation (between 35 and 45) received something in maybe a vaccination that is the common link to all of the gallbladders going bad.

Anyone else have theirs go bad and NO galstones?

Hope everyone feels better.. and I did not have a choice not to have mine removed.. 🙁

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7 Herniated Disc in my spine and one vertebrae that is starting to invert… with arthritis ….. Tickles!”