I have read about what ever else is going through and feel for all of you. I have been dealing with this for over a year and half. I have had CT scans (contrast and no contrast), xrays and thought I was going nuts as no one could figure out what was going on. Thing just started to get worse and worse. I finally decided to change doctors, thinking I might get some where. He decided to redo my ct scan and said that I need to stay away from nuts, popcorn as I had pancreatitis and things were getting lodged which could cause some of the pain. He finally decided to do more blood work which was of course all coming back good except for my triglycerides. Well he decided to test me for Gluten intolerance and amazing enough I am. This apparently can cause lot of issues with your stomach and your intestines with you have things that have gluten in them. So now I am having to learn how to eat Gluten free which I will hopefully start tomorrow. Well I did a little reading into my ct scan to what the doctors wrote. Found on there Pleural Thickenign. didnt know what this was but did alot of research and amazing what it says about abdominal pain, rib cage and chest pain, lumps can form etc. So now we are doing another contrast CT scan in the next week for mesothelioma and did a Echo gram last week. I guess its a start somewhere. I’m not sure if this will help any of you in a new direction or not but I felt that what I am having done to try to figure it out is a little different that what some people have talked about. I hope this really helps someone or maybe a new direction in a blood test.