“wow so many if us are in the same boat after having our GB removed.

I had mine out in June and I’m glad its gone, was told after it was taken out that I would not survived much longer with out the surgery.
With the GB gone there is less stress on my body and my GERD has improved.

that’s the positive.

The negative is all the pain and discomfort associated with eating.

I only want to eat one meal a day because of the bloating and the needing to know where all the restrooms are just in case I have to run.

most of the time I feel so toxic and nauseous, my safe foods are no longer safe and the to avoid list is growing, as is the depression.

they said I’d be glad when my GB was gone, I am glad but that doesn’t mean happy.
they said I would feel so much better after its gone, I do whilst feeling so much worse at the same time.”