“Hi, I had my gall bladder removed Oct. 21, 2001.

Since then, I have had severe gas problems. I was diagnoised with bile gastritis Oct. 22, 2001.

My problem now is this, I have episodes of severe pain, swelling under my left breast putting pressure on my ribs. I have gastrial attacks 1-3 times a month, which are very weakening. (like having a period!) I don’t suffer from a lot of vomiting, once in a while I may vomit.

The surgeon who did my surgeory, said they have to blow gall bladder patients up with a gas to lift the inside organs so they may get to the infected gall bladder, and they did to me as well. What happened was, when injecting the gas, they had an air pocket, which never was removed, and caused the gas to be trapped in my body, and can not come out. certain things I eat, do, drink, or certain exercises I do, cause the attacks to take place.

Is there anyone out there who may have experienced the same type of symtoms? Is there any treatment that can help to reduce the attacks? I have suffered 2 attacks already this month and am in the midst of one as we speak! I have tried various types of anti-acids that dont seem to help one bit.

The surgeon told me, my main problem was, where the gall bladder was removed, and the gas trapped in my body, I don’t break down foods properly, due to the loss of the gall bladder. The bile tube that was attached to the gall bladder, is supposed to systematically drip, and help with digestion, well mine does not, it builds bile in the tube til it can’t hold it anymore, and then dumps it all at once, (cups at a time) causing a severe attack on the body.

These attacks then lead to hours of running back and forth to the toilet, hours of weaknes in the body, no apitite, and just an overwhelming tiredness, that is hard to fight off.

I need HELP! my body is not strong enough tp handle more than one attack a month. I’m in the middle of my third this month, and can’t take it. Is there any help out there?

Thank you.

Sincerely, Lorie Polan”