“Just remember that people come onto forums like this when the going gets tough, and that it isn’t representative of most people’s experience. I had my GB removed in 2006, and to be without that excruciating pain hanging over my head every time I put something into my mouth is worth every single post-op twinge and discomfort.
I found at first that ice-cream and anything with a high fat content had me running to the loo within minutes, but I use soya milk anyway and this far down the line ice-cream doesn’t seem to affect me as badly as it did (give up ice-cream, you say? May as well stop breathing!).
Hope it all goes well for you, make sure that your post-op pain is managed properly. You will feel swollen and gassy, but it is only temporary, remember.
Come back and tell us how you did.

PS I came on here today as I woke up with bile in my throat – first time ever, but if I have helped you a fraction, it will have been worth it.
Take care,