“I had my gallbladder out in August, 07, and I was suppose to be in and out, they said, and no problems. I had planned to have it out in Sept. after the GI doctor told me (after many many, times of complaining about hurting in my chest, and him telling me to stay away from certain foods, that was causing my acid relux problems). But I was having so much problems hurting each time I ate, almost anything, and especially tomato sauce, and fried foods, that I just couldn’t take it anymore, and finally I was hit with the worse of the worse pain, and late that night, I told my husband, this is it, I am not going to suffer anymore, so I went to the ER. I told them that I had been tested and that I had scheduled to see a surgeon on Sept. 4, about the problem. The doctor told me I could not wait till then. I had pancreatis, and the gallbladder he said had to come out.

I was referred to another sugeron, and thus is where I am now. I went in the hospital, and they admitted me for further test because of the pancreatis, and scheduled the surgery the next morning. I had many complications, and so I could not come home. I was in the hospital for 5 days, because of my blood sugar rising, and my blood pressure dropping. When I was released I hurt so bad. I could not walk, and the discomfort was huge. But I figured it was normal. About two days, I hurt in my chest, and I could not believe, the hurt was the same as when I had my gallbladder, and I thought, “”What have I done?”” If I am to hurt like this, why take the gallbladder out? I was mad, and very weakened. I called the doctor’s office, and the nurse said give it some time. I wasn’t able to eat any thing but bland foods, and wow, I had been eating this for several months, so why not continue. I weighed162, when my problems started, and I began to lose and lose, because I wasn’t able to eat all the foods, like hamburgers, pizza, sauces, spaghetti, pizza, and french fries. I began to eat baked potatoes, rice, baked chicken, and soup, and had no problems, with my pain, so I continued to stay on this diet. I kept losing, and before I knew it, I was down to 124. I was afraid I would hurt, so I stayed away from foods that hurt me before the surgery, even though people told me that I shouldn’t hurt now. I feared too much.

I was like you, thinking that I would feel better after the surgery, and I was wrong. You are just now feeling like me. I chose to stay away from junk foods, hamburgers fried, french fries and greasy foods, although some say you can eat them later, but I know that having the gallbladder out, it is harder to digest foods, and I have to help myself do that. You will too.The symtoms you are describing is me all the way. I hurt the say as you, and I was mad, and very upset. I wanted immediate relief, but it did not come. Each day, gets better, and better, and the chest pain and bloating will too. But, remember, that you must allow your body enough time to get through this, and as you do, you must help yourself, with certain foods, as you heal. I had to learn this the hard way. I started eating frietos, about two days after surgery, ( I had thought I could eat them now, after the gallbladder was removed), but not so. I had the worse pain in my chest, like I had before my surgery when the attacks came on. I cried, so hard, and kicked a few things around me. I was so angry, and very upset. I found out that I could not put greasy fried foods in my body, thinking that I could handle them, just because I had my gall baldder out. It’s not going to work that way. So, I have chosen to not eat these foods, but you may not have the same problem as I did. But , I believe, that people without gallbladders, should not eat heavy fatty foods, because there is nothing there to help digest.

I know what you are facing, and believe me you will feel better. I have days where I too have bloating, and I have problems with my colon. I have always had acid relux and I am still taking Nexium. I feel that most of the indigestion problems were from the gallbladder problem, and most of the problems from foods were coming from that. But still I am cautious and stay away from foods that brings on indigestion.

I know you want to feel better, and you shall. I believe there are goods days ahead for you. Hang in and as my precious Mother use to say, “”Have Faith””.. Take care, and believe that you will feel better. Remember you are not alone….