I have never used this before but I think its nice to share ot with other people that is going through the same… My Husband is only 26 and has an stone on his gallblader. Eveything started over a year ago with a very very hard pain that last for a few days! after going to the hospital like 5 times… they show a little stone on an Xray.

He plays football for a living, so his diet and Fitness are always top.( 7% body fat ) Maybe now and then he can afford to enjoy a nice meal or have a few wines…but nothing more than that, so we still do nto understand why this happend to him????

The doctor recommended to have very low fat Diet ( specially the saturated fats, these are the worse!) and hopefully wait for it to dissapear …. We did so and to be honest he did not have a pain like in a Year! Just after Christmas, in june the pain came while we were in Spain, so we had to rush to the Hospital again. Here they show the Stone, but a little bit bigger that a year ago.

In spain they told us that Only if the pain become very very often you should remove it, otherwise its better carry on with a low fat diet

They said as well that normally they try to remove the stone, unless this is so big that they have to remove the whole gallblader

My worry now is:

For the last week he had these pains again but was able to control them, thanks to some medicine they gave us in SPain for the pain ( Nolotil Liquid)

The last couple of days the pain has gone, but I dont know if it would be better go through surgery and have the stone remove before it gets so big that doctor has to remove the entire gallblader???

did someone have the stones removed and the problem was solved??

Anyone here had the same issue, even having a very very healthy life?

It would be great to hear from someone that can be related to this