Can I ask – has anyone actually had any success with their Dr? I had my gallbladder removed two years ago and have been suffering from PCS since – pain, nausea and vomiting etc. I have modified my diet – I don’t eat any meat now as that would cause too many issues (vomiting after eating) I don’t cook with olive oil or eat eggs (as that caused diarrhea straight after eating) and keep somewhat clear of heavy meals as digestion seems to be an issue. In terms of my diet I’m happy now with how I manage it, what I have an issue with is the weight gain I’m experiencing. Just to maintain my weight I can only eat 1300 calories a day PLUS exercise for 60 minuntes each day at high intensity interval and strength training, burning around 700 calories each workout. IF I do not exercise but stick to my diet I can put on 3lbs in a week. I have increased by 2 dress sizes since the summer and I am so depressed it is really impacting my life. I just cannot bring my weight down and I cannot just stay where I am without running myself into the ground. My DR seems uninterested and cannot come up with any ideas – I’ve been seeing them for six months now asking for help…I have started taking natural remedies to help with digestion and aid the process of fats, carbs and proteins but it’s not really helping. There have to be something someone can suggest or help me with because otherwise I just don’t know what else I can do.