“Yeah that sucks that you are having brown spots show up. That sounds like a blood infection or something. I would go back to the ER have some blood test done. I will pray for you that it isn’t your liver or anything serious. Hopefully it is something minor. And too the person who just posted something, it takes like 3 weeks for the abs pain to go away, months for it to go away permanently. But at least you can still eat normal food. I cant eat anything greasy or steak yet.

Little back story for me, the day I got hurt was 6 months ago. I was working out doing dead lifts wrong. I felt like my stomach was on fire and that i pulled my abs apart since I didn’t suck in my gut while doing this. Also I was a big work out buff and made a rookie mistake. So that night I went to the hospital since I was having trouble breathing and have upper abdominal pain. Thought I was having a heart attack since I did so many supplements and stuff. They said it was nothing , did a CT scan of my lungs and gave me some meds. Didnt feel better so they sent me to a Gastrologist . That is when they did a endoscope and seen I had a small/med hiatal hernia, gastritis, acid reflux, and a ulcer. I never had stomach problems before or had heartburn. I use to be able to eat anything I wanted without feeling like bloating or burping up food. So they put me on meds for the acid reflux and nothing worked. Could only eat bland foods and thats when they tried my GB , they did a sonogram and a radiology test to see if my GB was working. No stones it just stopped working.

So they removed it. Went 2 weeks feeling great after my GB was taken out before my acid reflux came back and pain in my upper left hand side of my abs right under the breast bone. Also I have a shortness of breath, not bad but enough to feel like I have one, also I feel like I gotta lump in the back of my throat. And if I lay down after I ate something within a couple hours and fall asleep on the couch , i will wake up like as if I cant breath and feel like something is in my throat. I cant sleep on my back really cause it feels like a lump in my throat and so I sleep on my sides on a wedge pillow made for acid reflux people.

Had a CT scan of my (abs) and (pelvic) are and a bacteria test. Both came back normal. So my gastro doc is sending me back to my hernia doc who took my GB out. The Hernia doc is pretty confident it is my Hiatal Hernia. I am hoping it is just that. Cause the Gastro doc said he doesn’t know any other test he could, all the ones I have had already ruled out anything serious. So hopefully this is it, if not I will have to go to George Town to the specialist. Has anyone had these problems or pain ?”