“14 years ago my gallbladder was removed due to gall stones blocking the bile duct. The pain was incredible before surgery, so was happy to be rid of it.

I am now experiencing some major malfunctions such as weakness, pain and neuropathy – at first in my feet, now my legs and arms. (so severe it is necessary to use a wheelchair for traveling more than 30 feet) Also have mild memory loss. After 5 days of tests at the Mayo Clinic, I was diagnosed with a severe B vitamin deficiency. MS was ruled out, fortunately.

When I returned home from the Mayo Clinic, I immediately starting taking a double dose of B vitamin complex. The pain in my legs, and their strength and have improved. Some feeling has also returned. (With numb feet, the ability to maintain your balance is impacted.)

I started researching in various areas. From a (Vol. 17,.issue 7)Nutrition & Healing newsletter, written by Dr. Jonathan V. Wright, I learned that those of us who have had our gallbladder removed, should be supplementing with bile salts whenever we eat fats, so that we can aborb water soluable vitamins from our food (that is what B vitamins are). It is too early to tell how effective they are, as I am only in my second week of taking the bile salts. I have always maintained a healthy diet with lots of fruit and vegetables, high fiber, low fat, no smoking or alcohol. Theoretically I should be a poster child for good health.

My health is so severly impacted that I am no longer able to work, since this June. It is rare for me to drive now as I feel I should be able to rely on my legs to control brake and acelerator. Typically when working, I drove 30,000 miles per year.”