“Hi All, Have been reading through these posts today, sure is a lot of them, and just want you all to know you are not crazy. This most definetly pain after gall bladder removal. Not sure why but I had my gb removed about 8 years ago. Had several GB attacks before that so thought it was a good idea to have it out. I also had a huge stone sitting in it. So out it went.
The years that followed were just as painful as when I had my gall bladder.
I had trapped stones in my bile ducts twice and needed a procedure called an ERCP done twice. That worked fine. But a few years after that I developed pancreatitis from out of the blue. Talk about pain. Wow. Worse than giving birth I needed 2 more ERCP’s done and of course in between many endo’s for GERD. Than developed Barretts Esphagus and IBS.
I personally think it is all related somehow. My stomach has always been bad, even as a teen I was constipated. I still get gut pain that radiates into my back. One of my doctors thinks it is trapped gas while the other one thinks it is acid building up. So all of you that still get pain after surgery, you are right and it could be a number of things. Good Luck all and feel better. ”