“After reading a couple of years of posts here I can say that the literary prowess of a post gallbladder patient
is somehow enhanced as we find new ways to explain to the rest of society how the removal of a organ weighing but a few ounces can literally change your life.

Like most of you here I can blow poo with the speed of superman and fart with the strength of a hydrogen bomb but I had practice before the gallbladder went bye bye as I am a genetic member of a family with a long and varied history of gerds sufferers!

After some practice tho I have discovered that I can control the poo by eating according to where I am going to be for the next 24 hours and have got most of it under control and have also discovered that you can eat anything you please within reason like my wifes chili(guidelines one bowl not two) and then something that use to constipate me with it!

Have a friend who has had hers also out and diet is totally different from mine so to all those pre and post the reason doctor says you can eat anything you want after is that gallbladder removal is kinda like religion it is different for each of us and we each must find our own place with the porcelain gods!

So to all those who made my day by making me laugh at my own affliction may your walk on the journey to the throne be a slow controlled one with a moment of quiet serenity and the door be closed and the music playing when the blast goes off! Happy Pooping!”