I am SOOO glad I found this site I am 39 years old had my gallbladder out in 2002 and have had loose stools/diarrhea every since Immodium AD is my best friend and I alone have made them VERY rich. I had some enchiladas tonight that I made and OH SHYT did I have 2 poop and I’m just like everyone else here I spend more time in the toilet then anywhere else,it had rid me of even working I NEVER knew that it could be my gallbladder being removed that could cause the cramping and diarrhea(loose stools) I guess I should have known when they did a abdominal/pelvic scan and found nothing or when they did a colonoscopy and found nothing but I thought maybe I felt like shyt all the time because I am 5’1 and 214 pounds yea I’m a fatty(trying to lose but never do) so I basically resorted to feeling sorry for myself but now I’m gonna take people advice on here and cut out ALL soda’s, glucose,and fatty foods and see if I can get a normal poop out of it I would LOVE to be constipated for once(seriously) It has been 14 years since I have been feeling “Ill” but I have never changed my diet the DR that took my gallbladder said I could eat anything I wanted HM? I wish he would of told me the truth that would of been cool. I can say I was an avid Pepsi drinker for 20 years before my surgery as well as after and I mean REGULAR PEPSI and man did I poop ALOT I felt HORRIBLE but I stopped drinking that shyt 8 months ago and I now feel 50% better so maybe if I keep it up and eat GOOD foods I will feel and poop normal and I can go to work and STOP feeling “sorry” for myself. Oh yea the DR’s also checked me for HIV,Hepatitis,Diabetes(I’m borderline)Celiac,Chrohns,UC,and I didn’t have those but I could NEVER EVER figure out why would I feel like crap and 10 minutes after I ate I would have to poop(always loose stools) Thank you to you ALL for being avid poopers like me you have made me feel 100% better about myself and my journey starts here I will change my diet,lose weight and FEEL BETTER!!!! Take Care 🙂 – See more at: http://www.poopreport.com/Techniques/food_for_toilet.html?page=2#sthash.gcGWorFd.dpuf