hello. well i just wanted to say that i had my gallbladder removed october 2004 . i don’t have pain actually i fell releived , they end up removing mine because i had gallstones on my gallbladder wich came from me eating alot of greasy food, but the only problem is , if i continue to eat to much greasy food the gallstones will end up on my kidney your gall bladder is what breaks the fat from food . so in order to keep my bowels moving your suppose to eat anything that has fiber in it .right now i’m having intestines problems and that ‘s because of the surgey that i went through with my gallbladder, so i ended up constipated for so long that my intestines became infalmmed, but i done had an ulcer, infection in my stomach from cyst on my ovaries to my gall bladder being removed, so my advice for the pain that you’ll have is pray and always get a second opinion , and i will pray for you’ll.