“I had my gallbladder out a week ago and am experiencing this… the pain, the doctors telling me I’m fine, etc. It took them four days to realize I was leaking bile (until then they told me everything from “”You’re just sore”” to “”You’re just constipated””). Fortunately my leak is small and might heal on its own, as I’m feeling a little better these days.

I am very lucky that my pain, while severe, seemed to be somewhat short-lived (I hope I hope I hope). Four days of it was awful – my heart goes out to all of you living with this on a daily basis. I’m so sorry.

Unless it’s an absolute emergency, I’m avoiding doctors, hospitals, surgeries, and the modern medical community at all costs from here on out. It’s all about money.

The only thing that helped me when I was in that much pain was to bake some cannabis muffins. It’s the Earth’s natural painkiller and (especially when ingested as opposed to smoked) really relaxes the muscles which helps with some of the spasming. Yeah it’s illegal – but damn. When doctors won’t help you, you gotta turn to Mother Earth. It’s also much, much, MUCH safer than the “”medicine”” docs prescribe – eat too much cannabis and you’ll be laughing. Eat too much hydrocodone and you’ll be dead.”