“Good day everyone first time on line. My story is this, I have suffered for 5 years with colon bowel obstruction,s due to severe colitis,Pills, pills and more pills. Well I found a surgeon here in Windsor Ontario that is great, also a carrying doctor, takes time out to listen and just not push you out of the room.
It comes my lover Tommy the Toilet Ha Ha, I go to the washroom for 2 weeks about 14 to 17 bowel movements a daay, severe paain, I wounldn’t want aany of my enemies to have this disease, not even x-husband. This colitis is so hard to understand unless you have experience it yourself.

My surgeon gave me a scan that looked at my whole inside organs, my gallbladder was full of pile and lots of toxin, this could have killed me, thaank the Lord that he found out about this, gallbladder was removed. Saw my surgeon yesterday, this is sadness to me, he examined me and still great paain throughout my whole gut;s , even where gallbladder was. He order an emerency ultra sound with blood work, I could feel his vibes that something is not right. I could see it in his eyes.

My surgeon is got me on Demoral for pain, anti-depressants for nerves only cause I’m a great concerner of other human beings. I have a soul of love for all people. I take three different kinds of pills to keep he bowels moving so I don’t get obstruction, I can feel one coming on, I know my body to a tea. My surgeon, ordered me something new called Cholestyramine, lots of side effects, I will try it to see if there is a difference, Drank a package last night and this morning of Januaary 21/2000, I feel so sick that I want to throw up, stomach great pain. I live in a home with stress, but stress is reality in our time of day.

I’m afraid now, side affects say, constipation, consist of distention, bloating, flateluence, nausea, vomiting, diarreha, anorexic, heartburn, indigestion, rash, irratation of skin, tongue & perianal pain. Man I’m going to drink some again cause I was in hospital through Xmas holidays, I haate the hospital was living there. Can anyone give a few ssuggestion. Woman who loves the Lord in deep sorrow of health and pain.
Please write to me just for friends to talk and care about each other. Windsor woman. God Bless & may the Lord restore us all to good health. Send a miracle to all suffer’s of pain. Liza Known as angel eyes.