I had my gallbladder removed in 2002 and wish everyday that there were a way to put it back in. since i had it removed, the pains are unbearable. i have the same pains as i did when i had gallstones. the pain under my rib and shoulder blade is still there. when i sit i actually have to lean to my left, i cant sit straight up or i feel like something is jabbing at my rib (almost like when i was pregnant and the baby was kicking my ribs) when i lean forward to pick something up off the ground it also feels like something is stuck there at my ribs. i have constant heartburn now which i never had before the surgery ,so now i have GERD. before the surgery i only had 1 attack a year. i would prefer that 1 attack to the everyday chronic pains.i am only 30, i dont wish to feel these pains for the rest of my life. they did a ultrasound and said they didnt see any reason for the pains. they said it was probably just scar tissue, but this is ridiculous. surgeon said i would feel like a brand new person after having it removed. yeah a brand new person is right.one in pain everyday instead of once a year. plus since i had the gallbladder removed i have steadily put on weight , about 40 pounds. that there is no reason for. i am an active person, was a gymanst. excercise, eat pretty good. i never liked junk food so that isnt an issue.the dr said something about fat and cholesterol not breaking down correctly after removal of GB. what do i do? does anyone else have this problem. is there a way to rid myself of these pains, since putting it back in isnt an option.