Hi I am a 35 year old female and had my gall baldder removed 5 years ago after having a very painful attack that came out of the blue. I believe the operation has contributed to 5 years of health issues, concerns not to mention a substantail financial cost. Initialy I did recover quite quickly and seemed to have very little problems except diarrhea and occassional bloating. However within 1 – 1.5 years I developed many symptoms that progressively got worse – severe bloating, quesy stomach, severe joint pain, tiredness, brain fog, lethargy, irritability, rashes and more. I visited doctors and specialists time and again nad had many tests done – nothing came back conclusive but most tests showed ‘something’ was not right. I became desperate and felt very alone as I realised my symptoms were getting worse and not only effecting me but also my family – I began to rapidly lose weight (15 kgs in a few months) and then stopped getting my period (for 18 months)- I had always been regular. Eventually I ran out of options and visited a Spanish trained naturaopath and iridologist who ended up being a life saver and diagnosed me in 1 hour – I had developed a food allergy which I later identified to be gluten and yeast. After months of strict diets, acupuncture and other alterternative therapies I slowly recovered, but have only now – 2 years later begun to regain any real weight. I have done tremendous amounts of research over this time into nutrition, the major organs and bodily functions and believe the trauma my body went through after having my gall bladder removed (after the operation the surgeon admitted there was possibly no reason to have removed my gallbladder as the tiny stone had passed) significantly contributed to my food intolerance and health problems. whilst I believe many medical procedures are beneficial and lifesaving, I believe we must take full responsibility for our bodies and gain as much information as possible before undertaking any surgery or prescribing to any drug regime. Alot can be done through diet, exercise and understanding how your body works. Arm yourself with lots of knowledge – it is time consuming and hard work – but not as much as getting a malnourished and sick body back on track. Good luck