If I read futher into the post I may find a lot more answers to some of the questions I have and I hate to have everyone repeating themselves but if you will all be so kind as to help me! I have stumbled upon this site and I am about 3 months post op for gallbladder removal and it has been a miserable three months!! I am so glad to find some people to talk to! If any of you are interested in discussing your post gall bladder woes I can see from the post I have read there are several of us in the same boat. My most recent concern is the fact that I hurt every time I eat. The pain is on my right side and it starts within minutes of when I start to eat. It sometimes hurts more in the front or sometimes the back, sometimes both intermittenly. It also seems at times that the esophagus is pulling if that makes sense to anyone. The other thing I am dealing with is what seems like a lump that comes up in my throat a couple of times a day and it makes me very anxious an I feel like I am choking eventhough I do not have difficutly breathing. Does any of this resonate with any of you?? I have had a MRI and everything looks normal, it don’t feel normal! Thanks in advance. Michelle