I had my gall bladder taken out in 1998, and since then had serious burning and pains in the same area, I have noticed that it happens more frequent if i try to eat any kind of artificial sweetner, or if i eat any kind of peanuts with the skin still on them, Ijust recently had a chest scan thinking i had something wrong with my lungs, and the other dr noticed i still have the staples left in there from the surgery, in her personal opinion, my body is trying to reject the staples, and that is where the burning and cramps are coming from, does anyone expierence burning in the area of where the gallbladder would have been, and do you still have the staples left inside you? My friend had the same surgery and doesnt have the staples and she never has any of the problems that i do, the pain under my rib cage gets so bad it takes my breath away andi have noticed if i sloch down while typing the burning starts immediately, so now i am wondering if maybe the staples are poking something when i sit some kinda way and then it is a ridiculous ride of nausea, cramps usually throwin up and breaking sweats. We all cant be suffering the same thing after getting the surgery if there isnt some sort of problem causing it. Thanks Theresa