“After my gall bladder removal 17 years ago the reflux began to worsen. I went many years with all kinds of symptoms including loss of my voice and daytime hoarseness etc. I hated being alone and having to answer the phone early in the day because I literally couldn’t talk.

The acid proceeded to worsen over the years even with PPIs and all other varieties of GI meds until it got so bad about three years ago that it started affecting my sleep and quality of life.

I woke up so nauseated and anxious for the last year that my heart would be rapidly because I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. I got to where I couldn’t taste my food, my tongue and throat, nose and sinuses had literally become burned and parched and my ears and head hurt all the time.

That’s when I gave my GI doc one more chance to help me and he suggested the NF surgery which I had on August 1 about 5 weeks ago.

I’m healing and recovering very slowly but I can talk when I wake up in the morning, my burning and sore throat and tongue are healing, I don’t have constant acid reflux and I’m getting to where I can finally taste my food every now and then.

I’m a slow healer but for me the surgery was necessary and is slowly improving my quality of life. It did all seem to start with my gangrenous gall bladder. I have no idea what the connection was but the PH of my body changed after the GB surgery and I’ve never been the same. Hopefully I’ll get back to pre-GB removal stage one of these days.

If you haven’t been checked for bile reflux it might bear looking into.

Best of luck”