“Hi. Well like many of you having replied, and will be reading in the future, I also had similar multiple problems/pain/discomfort post-op. My op was 5 years ago, have always had symptoms since. I had very severe cholecystits, spent a week in hospital, they tossed and turned whether to op or not cus it was so bad, they decided not to (I didnt move/eat/drink for 4 days before I started to recover)…5 months later they did the op, I had symptoms but during the waiting time, but they werent too concerned, but going in to the 1 hour op, they were very surprised as they found it very badly infected, so the 1hr simple op took just over 3 hours and I was ‘lucky’ not to get cut open (owing to the fact I had one of the best experienced general surgeons), I spent longer in hospital post op recovery with a drain because of the infection. I got an ultrasound 2 years after op, found nothing significant really other than fatty liver and pancreas. 3 years after that 2 year post-op ultrasound, I am about to undergo more tests, as its continuing and if anything starting to get worse in symptoms. I’ve just kinda learnt to live/deal with it, but enough is enough and it is hurting more often and in more situations. Will book a blood test and ultrasound in the next week. On another website this morning I found some info that may be worthwhile – was on a google search, sent me to a page on Cleveland linic journal of medicine, a document about a woman with post op symptoms. Basically it concluded there was an issue, and finally resolved. Results found cystic duct remnant. So I will be keeping that in mind to mention to the sonographer when I go get my tests. It can be very difficult to pick up on ultrasound, which may show an acoustic shadow in the anatomic region of the cystic duct, so only a very experienced sonographer/radiologist may pick it up… As I am getting pain in my ribs, I have considered asking for a chest x-ray also, but not sure where that will get me, will see how this goes first.

Good luck, anyone who gets results/answers, please make sure you let us know.”