also had my gal bladder out last year, the dr said i had polpys in there, and it had to come out, I ask him if he was sure, and he stated, “yes” I then got him to remove the GB.. they told me after I had come out surgery, that there was nothing wrong with my GB, and that they made a mistake, and it wasnt polyps, but it was infected they said,, I was so upset,,, I have had constant heartburn ever since,, I then went back to him, after 3 months of in pain after op, and was he put me back into hospital again to have my stomach check for cancers, there was none, but only reflux,, he stated to me, that clears his name, and for me to put up with it, and live with it.. was told by my normal doctor to take nexivum 40mg and zabtac 150mg.. this wasnt a good idea.. as it cause a lot of problems, felt like my stomach was on fire,,, I stopped,,, but what i did find out, if you take bush lemons, which are wild lemons,, one a day in morning.. it somehow takes the heartbrun away,,, it works.. and its natural. still have mild pain, if i eat fatty foods, but have to becare what i eat now, as i also have a fatty liver, not bad, for someone that doesnt drink,,, i cant win here, but am getting under control now, can anybody help in what i have to do now,,,