“I too have right and left rib pain. (If you look back on this board you can read “”my GB story””, as I had alot of complications). I see a few different gastro dr’s now. the first one said it was prob. IBS and trapped gas that was making my colon spasm.(causing sharp aching pains) he said this is very common post GBS. but i’ve had IBS for about 15 years and know this was not it. so i saw another dr. he said he would send me for a mri and a mrcp. (still waiting for results) he said it could be a few different things… spincter of oddi (the muscle at the end of the common bile duct is not working properly) or there is scar tissue there or there are stones int the common bile duct. but for me he thinks it is a ucler on the common bile duct, because i already had a spincterodomy and my bile duct flushed out. and i’ve read of people with the same pain on the left side and it was an ulcer(by the way when i told the dr anout all this i didn’t mention the left side pain, not sure why) i have heard of people getting reflux after the GBS and its because to much bile is flushing through and flushing back to your stomach. I would really try to find a dr who is willing to look into this. From experence i’ve learned to never puch medical stuff aside. when i find out my results i’ll let you know..
jaclyn ”