“hi guys..my name is Jam and I have read some of your pain problems but not actually the whole thread as it is really long but I am concerned. I have been reading and researching a lot about pre and post lap chole cases. I have friends who had their GB removed and are okay and living good now and feeling nothing at all as far as I know. One had his GB removed like 4 years ago and the only thing he is experiencing is when he eats fatty or oily food, he would have to release it asap as he will feel discomfort in stomach and it’s like some sort of diarrhea but he lives with it and it actually helps him because he lost pounds which he liked. I am 28 and I also had my lap chole april23, 2013 so it is my i think 18th day now after the surgery. The only stone i seen removed from me was about 1.6 cm diameter so bigger compare to normal .4cm but smaller compare to other stone cases. I only stayed at the hospital for 4 days from Monday. Tuesday was the surgery and i was delivered to the OR at around 4pm and went back to my room around 10pm (well maybe i stayed lot longer in the recovery room). 24 hours after the surgery i couldn’t still pee so i had to stay in 2 more days and after 24 hours again i was able to pee just normal. I just had to increase water intake. I was feeling pain on the surgery sites but i knew only on the wounds and not internally. well i really couldn’t identify i guess because i was still feeling groggy. I was afraid why I was still feeling weak, groggy , nausea, no vomiting tho, after 48 hours from surgery. My surgeon told me it was because of the pain killer. I was given tramal through IV. i just couldnt remember what was included with it aside from tramal. The doc said the effect of the pain killer to me is nausea and being groggy. I finally asked my doc to remove my IV because my hand was reall sore it was i think even more painful compare to the surgical wounds. My doc switched m pain killer and antibiotic to oral instead of IV. But since my IV was removed, I stopped taking pain killer and that was on my 3rd day, My pain tolerance I could say is high even I am a girl. I was discharged on Friday (3rd day post op). since then I was just tolerating the pain. I never took pain killers until now. I no longer feel pain in my abdomen but only some little discomfort on the navel area when bending or forcing myself too much to move or something. I am hoping not to feel any pain sooner or later because I am really afraid and I could understand you guys how horrible it is to live with the pain and still finding no cure. I still don’t stop reading about post op cases because I read that in other cases, post op issues may occur after months or years after the surgery. You may also check this site or related sites about this sphincter of oddi dysfunction as someone here also mentioned about it

Since yesterday tho, I noticed a chest pain which becomes more painful when breathing deeply. I am very concerned abut this as this is one of the symptoms I need to be checking after the surgery. I am observing myself and will contact my surgeon after another 24 hours if still persistent. I am praying and hoping that all of us will be completely out of pain soon.

I will also ask my surgeon about these cases you have been dealing with.”