“I started getting the same pain about 6 weeks after I had my gallbladder removed. The intense pain under the rib cage it is honestly the worst pain that I have ever felt. It has been 6 years since I had mine taken out and I have found that eating a good diet with protein helps the most. I used to get them atleast once a week and now I am down to about 3 to 4 times every 6 months. When I do get them the only thing that helps anymore is tums, I used to be able to just shovel food into my mouth and swallow it and it would go away but not anymore… Pain medicines also bring the pain on, one simple vicoden at night will kill me come 3 am so the pain meds that people are taking could be playing into atleast this type of stomach pain, my doctor also put me on antacids but those seemed to make me get the pain more often. I lived pretty far away from the hospital so everytime I would say I needed to go the pian would be gone by the time my parents had me to the car.
Things that bother me the most.
1. Not having food in my stomach at all times
2. Not eating enough protein
3. Pain medicine
4. STRESS! (im a college kid how do I not stress)
Things that seem to help me
1. TUMS!!!!!!!!
2. Getting protein food in as soon as I felt the pain coming.
3. Not popping my back when the pain is coming or there ( my pain always started in my back and felt like it would need to pop if I did pop it, it would be 100x worse)
4. Don’t panic when you get them, always carry some sort of food or tums with you ( I had to eat grass one time I thought I was going to die it hurt so bad and I had nothing with me…and I was about 15 years old)
5. Fizzy sodas sprite or 7 up normally my last resort before grass!
I hope this helps someone I am sorry so many people are dealing with so much pain I can not even imagine having to live through it! I hope one day there will be answers for all of us!”