I had my gallbladder out several years ago. I have been dealing with low energy, slow metabolism and more recently some memory loss. I thought the energy and metabolism issues were related to my being overweight. For the past year I have been having sever pain in my lower back which I thought was due to my weak stomach muscles (also had 3 c-sections). I was recently introduced to a Holistic Nutritionist who diagnosed all my issues as related to my gall bladder. She told me that the times when I felt the worst (at night) was when my gall bladder was supposed to be working. She also let me know that although I don’t have a gall bladder, my body doesn’t know it because the nerve endings are still there. So the absence of my gall bladder is why I was in so much pain and unable to sleep and not able to lose wt. because when you are not resting you can’t lose wt and this is also a symptom of a toxic liver. I started seeing her 7 weeks ago. I am sleeping better and my pain level is about a 1 out of 10 ALL THE TIME. I have also lost wt. (yes I made some eating changes and drinking lots of water). But all the things she has me doing are natural, no chemicals no pharmaceuticals! Her belief is that everything you need for your body can be found in the kitchen! My skin looks better and the eczema is under control. I am a new woman! I recommend a Holistic Nutritionist to anyone who is having any health issues. Try it BEFORE surgery, your body will thank you.