“I had my gallbladder out June 2 of this year. I had horrible attacks I couldnt walk coouldnt talk its was nasty!!!! So I had my GB out. I was home for a month WITH SERVER pains. I cannot eat anything with out my stomach growing 3 times its size. (I am not a big person 107pds) I get dizzy and sweaty i throw up and have to run to the bathroom everytime I eat. I have tried eating healthy and the same thing happens. I live on rice and chicken. thats it. cup a soup even causes pain! The DR has sent me for about 25 boold tests I have had HYDA scan CAT scan 2 ultrasounds been tested for Celiac disease lactose and I dont even know what else! Seems they can find nothing wrong with me. I am tired alll the time and live on pepto and immodium everyday and sometimes they dont even help.
At this rate I am going to weigh next to nothing and never going to enjoy food again. Please help”