“I had my gallblatter out about 5 years ago, and the diarhea and frequent bowel movements did not go away. My doctor and surgeon also poo-pooed (pardon) my symptoms. I did discover something about 3 years later that worked well to relieve the symptoms and give me back some regularity.
For about a three week period once a year I take (these are at a health food store) One tablet each of a two part colon cleanse formula (Ultimate Cleanse, by Nature’s secret), I follow that in about twenty minutes with a 16 oz of juice containing two rounded teaspoons of psyllium husk powder (dietary fiber, like citrucel etc) and 1 tbsp. of Colloidal bentonite (Sonne’s No.7: an absorbent aid in detoxification). The fiber and clay (bentonite) absorb the toxins and mucous that the Ultimate cleanse removes. I found that I need to do this for a week following any antibiotic treatment and again after any surgery. Wisdom teeth and tonsilectomy in my case. ”