“I’m glad I ran across this posting. I can’t believe how common this really is – and I’m wondering if the medical community simply needs to start funding more research to get this issue resolved!
I had my gallbladder removed in 1999 and still have pain on the right side, just to the side and under my rib cage, below my breast bone. Most times it occurs after eating. Also, approx. 2x/year I get a gallbladder type of attack, where I double over in pain, cold sweat, and literally cry. It lasts for approx. 30 minutes, with peak pain 10 minutes into it.
I’m a bit shocked at how many people continue to live with this, including myself. I’ve been to doctors about this to no avail. no answers. no surprise. I’m finally going one more time, and this time I plan to be VERY DIRECT with this Dr.
I’m at the point where I need to demand answers. It’s just plain ridiculous that more doctors are not aware of this and putting more effort in addressing this. The least they can do is document and release all findings with relevant and helpful information to the public about it.
For now, those of us who have this problem, must speak up to their doctors, and demand answers. Otherwise you’ll just get sent home again, to just deal with it.”