I had my GB a little over a year ago. I was great for the first 2 months then the diarrhea started. I suffered from gallbladder attacks for 15 years until a smart gastro doctor determined what the deal was. I am 39 , 5’10” and 138 lbs. I totally did not meet the criteria for GB issues. But mine didn’t work so out it came. I am in outside sales so I am on the road all day. Having one of my “stomach issues” daily after eating has caused me to just eat a few crackers to suffice until I can get home. The extreme urgency diarrhea is soooo embarrassing when I am with a client. Although it’s great for your bikini figure it sure is tough on my attitude. I am a hag when I’m hungry and I seem to stay hungry nowadays. I had heard of the pills (cholestid). I am going to search for a doctor that will prescribe them for me. My other doctor gave me the “magic sand” to drink. I just can’t get it down. My husband asks me if getting my GB was worth all of this. My answer is YES! My pain from the GB was way worse.