Day three without my Reglan or Zofran and I am surprised that I feel as good as I do. Actually felt half way normal most of today until lunch where I stupidly picked the hot turkey sandwich at the hospital cafeteria where I work. I’ve been living on grilled chicken and all types of chicken and turkey sandwhiches and thought I would try something with some fat. Won’t do that again for awhile. I even had some right sided pain, don’t know why I would have that. Still, I don’t feel as bad as last week and I was taking all the meds then. I don’t know how long that stuff stays in my system and hope I am getting better by myself and it isn’t just the meds still in me. Glad you are at least better physically. Remember, for me, it was the three week mark before the nausea subsided enough that I was functional. I know what you mean about the mental thing. I still get depressed (even some today) but when I was about where you are now I was worse. I wasn’t suicidal or anything but I wouldn’t mind being struck by lightning or something either. Before all of this I was the happiest person. I would think of my wife and three daughters daily and wonder “how did I ever get so lucky”? I don’t feel that way now and it makes me sad. I just want to be like I was. I am conscious of the fact I never smile or laugh anymore. I keep telling myself it is just around the corner.