In response to distended stomach and discomfort around the waist: I am 27 and had my gallbladder removed by Laparoscopic procedure on 3/3/00. I have always been healthy, eat healthy, workout often, and lean! It has been a bit over a month and I have put on a small amount of weight (for no apparent reason, never ate a fatty diet or poor diet in the first place) and get a sore fattened gut by the end of the day, depressing. Could it be that the Laproscopic procedure (cutting in the tummy) is the cause for this ? My family, husband, doctor etc tell me the same thing “just be patient”, easy for them to say. We have to live with the discomfort. I have this new gut, an ugly purple belly button, burping and gas, can’t eat too much or it hurts. I am so thankful that the ER found out what my pain has been for the past 6 months, but I just want to look and feel back to normal again. I am somewhat discouraged after reading that many of you have been this way over a year after surgery, but thankful that I am not alone. Please don’t get me wrong I am so very thankful to GOD that it was nothing more than the Gallbladder and that I am alive to talk about this, but I also don’t understand why this would happen to a young, health conscious, and lean person? I have turned into a depressed person in one month and should be the opposite! Will my shape/body return to it’s previous size ? Anyone else in my boat? Or, want to email to ***@****