“In 1994 I had by gallbladder removed (2 months after giving birth to twins). For years (12) following the surgery I complained of various pains here and there. I had 1 gastroscopy and 2 colonoscopies (due to unexplained bleeding) as well as several x-rays.
Finally in 2005 while undergoing my 2nd colonoscopy the new dr. verified some previous and discovered that I had an open ended surgical clip embedded in my LEFT side close to my colon.
In January 2006 after trying several different medications for the pain etc… I got a surgeon who agreed to do the surgery (lap). I must tell you, NO MORE PAIN since then. I feel great.
So do not give up hope, sometimes you have to keep pushing dr’s and try changing them, but there is always one our there that will finally listen to you and do the surgery.
MOST IMPORTANT: Do not let them make you think you are crazy and the pain is not real. It is very real, like someone stabbing you in the side with a knife; you have to make them understand this. They will tell you it’s not possible, blab, blab, blab, but it is and they have to listen.
Good luck.