How strange to stumble upon this website. I had my gallbladder taken out about 4 years ago. The first two years after having it out I was fine to drink and never had any side effects. But these last 2 years have been a completely different story. Any amount of any kind of alcohol leaves me so incredibly sick the next day. It’s strange going to bed I won’t feel sick but I wake up and as the day progresses my body drastically declines with the most violent fits of vomiting about every 30 minutes for 10+ hours. It seems the last 6 months that these spells have gotten increasingly worse in severity. I ended up in theER due to the last one where I’d only consumed 3 drinks over a 6 hour period and had drank 2 bottles of water when I got home that night. It makes no sense to be that sick with that little amount of alcohol…. My father had his gallbladder out as well and he gets violently sick within an hour of consuming any alcohol. Regardless I am never drinking again. It’s not worth the aftermath. I don’t think it is a coincidence that this many people have the same issue. It needs to be addressed by the surgeons performing these surgeries. That is not to say I wouldn’t make the same decision. I have not missed gallbladder attacks one minute. Even thinking about them makes me shiver. As far as those having trouble eating and causing diarrhea my dr gave me colestipol that I take twice in the mornings an hour before I eat breakfast and this helps me have normal stool no matter what foods I eat. I also have ibs and this medicine has been a saving grace. I can eat and not have to immediately run to the potty after.