“I had the same thing! Gall Bladder taken out 2/2004. I had been in the ER 14 days in a row(now stop throwing up! Phenogan and Demoral , Dilaudid or Morphine was the only thing that would stop it! . All the test were Neg. A General Surgeon tlod me that he did not care what the test said, my Gall Bladder was bad. They took it out the next day and it was Neuctotic (dead). After the surgery was over, I still ws getting as sick as b4. In June, I told my Dr to give me the Autopsy NOW! I left him and found a new GI Dr. and she could not find out what was the ROOT CAUSE but she refered me to a GI Surgeon. He ran a Ph Test. A lot of Dr. don’t use this test, they do a blood test. My blood test came back OK. The Ph Test came back 5X the normal amoumt of Reflux and Acid was being released by my stomach. I was waking up like you, with a mouth full of acid! I have passed out after breathing it and choking! The Dr. told me that In was the worst case he had seen…! He told me that I suffered from Acid Reflux, Hiatal Hernia, Peptic Ulcer and Chronic Gastritis. The Hiatal Hernia (bulge like a knot on a Car Tire) was causing my Esophagus to act like an Accordion because it was very weak when my organs pushed up. So in 10/2004 he operated on me (Nissan Procedure) and corrected these disorders. But, whe they got inside my stomach all my organs were gules/stcuck together!

After the surgery, I was still as sick as b4 but it was a little different. I could not eat ANYTHING. Sick and vomitimg all the time. In the ER ALL the time. I lost 60 lbs. in less than 3 weeks ( I am 6.4′ tall and was 230. Went down to 170 lbs)! The surgeon sent me back to my Primary Care Dr. (The 1 that I had left) and he told me that the worst thing I could have done was have the surgery, I was going to suffer and the only thing left for me was Pain Management! He sent me to a PM Dr. that put me on 90 mg of Morphine and 6 to 12 mg of Dilaudid everyDAY! I struggles for 2 years trying to maintain 190-200 lbs. and still stck all the time!

7/2006 I was so sick that I could not take it! I prayed 2 week and asked GOD to send me a message because I sis not kniw which Dr, to believe. I had asked and prayed for a healing and a blessing and this was not it. I could not claim this in JESUS’s name. You see, on 3 occassions the Dr’s called the ploice to throw me out of ER’s because they thought I was seeking Narcotics! Each time I prayed and asked GOD to help me and he made his presents known! On each occassion another Dr. stepped in and admitted me into the Hospital (including when they took out my Gall Bladder). 2 weeks later I was picking up my daugther from school (3yrs old) and I passed her teacher in the parking lot and we waved. 2 min. later she came into my daughters room and told me that she had a message 4me. She said that I had been on her mind and in her prayers for the last 2 weeks and that when she paassed me outside, GOD wanted her to come back inside and tell me that GOD had HEALED my stomach………(she did not know everything about my health!)…..! I knew then that it was Addiction to the Narcotic medications. I went in to treatment…(touch battle for the last 16 months).. I still get sick but I don’t have to take Heavy Norcotics. Got back my wieght.

You need to be very carefull with this disorder! Lissen to your body. If the Dr. is telling you that you are doing fine and you are SsssICK, go to another Dr. Ask one to give you a Ph Test! Almost 4 years later I am still STRUGGLING but I am much better and I am learning more about how to live with this condition.

GOOD LUCK and may GOD lead you to the RIGHT Doctor!