“Hello all,
In my daily search to find out why I cannot lose weight, I just happened to do a search that involved gall bladder removal and found this blog. I read every single post because I was is amazement at the amount of women that are experiencing the same things. I had to go in a corner and cry because I finally found proof that it’s not in my head, I’m not an over-eater or lazy, and my diet does not consist of just unhealthy food. I had my gallbladder removed in 2000, at the age of 30, and I have been at war with my weight ever since. My symtoms include constipation (which a doctor told me to just take Milk of Magnesia, for the rest of my life if need be), acid reflux, which has burned my esophagus, polyps found after a colonoscopy, and anemia, for (which my doctor could not give me the exact source of). Ten years later, I have gain about 30 pounds, been on several diets and exercised religiously. It gets to the point that you give up diets and exercising because you can’t see results, or you even gain weight. This site has given me a few ideas on how to curb some of my symptoms and I will start today. Right now, cut my alcohol consumption to wine, twice a week and I’m in week one of The 28 Day Diet. So far, so good but other people that have done this diet have lost up to 12 pounds in week one (I’ve probably lost 2-4). I just want to thank Beth for starting this thread and those who told their stories. I am not crazy! There is something wrong with me! Now I can do something about it!”