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  1. I’ve had my gallbladder out for about 3 or 4 years now. And it’s been up and down since. Initially, after my first meal, I was running to the bathroom every morning. Then I discovered that if I eat a tablespoon of something, like chicken, then waited at least 30 minutes before eating my first meal, I wouldn’t have that problem. I wouldn’t recommend a lot of fat for your very first snack, although eating two or three nuts seemed okay for me.

    Then recently I began getting severe anxiety. Things that I had put to bed in my mind ages ago began to eat at me. (Before this happened I did clean up my diet for a couple of years but now I’m not so clean so I’m eating more fat.) I think I have figured it out that the anxiety is related to fat in my diet.

    So that got me thinking about the gallbladder and the fact that it can’t break down fat like it used to. I did some research and it seems that lecithin will help process the fats. (I wish I’d known about it before I had the gallbladder removed. I would have tried to treat it naturally before they took it out of me.) I tried the one made of sunflower seeds for the first time yesterday. I won’t do the one with soy for two reasons, 1 the GMOs and 2 I know that soy will block my update of my thyroid medicine. And that will cause extreme depression in me.

    Yesterday, the anxiety was severe. I was very desperate. I took 1 pill with my evening meal and then realized I should have taken more So I had some strawberries and almonds a little bit later and took two more pills. You need to take it with food, I suspect food with fat, but not sure.

    The funny thing about it is that the manufacturer recommends that you take fish oil with it too. I stopped taking my fish oil supplement several months ago because it makes me burp up fish. No fun . LOL but I did take the fish oil last night with my supplement and strawberries to see what would happen. I realized this morning that I didn’t burp up the fish at all.

    Today I am feeling so much better and I will continue to try this and hope it works. I bought the Now brand because it’s the only one that I can find in a tablet made with sunflower. It does also say that it should be taken with some other supplements which I did happen to have. But I don’t know that it is necessary.

    By the way, I haven’t even fast foods or processed foods in several years. Other than butter, I’ve all but laid off dairy because it makes my joints ache. I still eat gluten though.

  2. I had my gallbladder removed in 2009, I am living a nightmare. I already have panic attacks, tension headaches, and sciaticavdue to an incompetent nurse at The Coliseum Hospital. (ER MALE NURSE) he knows who he is. Gave me a shot the incompetent way and paralyzed me for weeks and I could not get a lawyer in Macon Ga, to give me my life back. Coliseum Hospital administration covered themselves, and the entire staff. Sounds a little shady. I wonder how many cover ups Coliseum are involved in Dr Patel , took my Gallbladder out ad left town right after with no concelltaton with his patient on how to live without AGallbladder Nightmare. Easy way to cover your track . When you knew you messed up someone’s life. Happy with yourself. Oh, I forgot MDS do not have feelings, they just pocket their bank account. Sulute yourselves for killing someone’s life, for the rest of their life. Killers!!!!

    1. We are all in the same boat. Said to hear about your circumstances – very similar to us all. This site was build by victims needing to prove their surgeons were lying through their teeth about post problems being non existent . No post support for patient on how to live without A Gallbladder Nightmare occurs 100% of the time, confirming medical fraud. In New Zealand, surgions go out of there way to block post care support in order to maintain their fraud , carry out on the next victims . Take care Check out nzhealthcarefraud.wordpress.com. Get in touch is you want to do the same to your Coliseum Hospital . Happy to help

  3. I got my gallbladder taken out a year ago. I was having horrible gallbladder attacks that led me to the er. After my gallbladder was taken out, I experienced the same effects. Horrible bowel movements & bad digestion. I ended up going vegan and using lypo gold digestive enzymes. I don’t eat GMO’s. I cook with organic coconut oil & I drink alkaline water. Honestly I think the vegan diet and the lypo gold digestive enzymes are what saves me.

  4. I developed anxiety and depression 2 months after gb surgery. Never had this type of condition before. Trying to find alternative ways/diet to combat this serious issue. Any natural ways to help fight these conditions?

  5. I had mine emergency removal 5 months ago..
    I’ve had palpitations at 258 beats a min lasting hours
    It kept getting worse.
    They said SVT
    And even offered surgery
    I just knew my body was fighting something.
    All my doctors said it was stress
    I was swollen
    Trouble breathing
    It got so bad I couldn’t work
    I researched medications they gave me
    Valium Then Xanax the adavan
    Also a pill to stop my heart from racing when it does.
    Well gallbladder not working was also contracted due to stones.
    The gasses they pumped in were not leaving my body
    Neither was all the medication
    I ended up also severely constipated blocked
    And menstral bleeding
    I’m convinced the medication was building up causing the server side effects of that medication
    The pill for heart a blood thinner causing bleeding
    I read somewhere these medications can cause that.
    I stayed home on a heating pad which helped get the gasses out burped a lot
    Stopped taking all medications
    And found how to stimulate the Vagas nerve
    Which helps a lot to do so
    Videos on YouTube
    The body will heal its self
    Heart goes into fight mode to do so
    Just my observation
    I was having heart palpitations every other day
    I been home four days and starting to feel released and normal well close
    Also Gould gallbladder formula with ox bile
    But haven’t tried it
    I’m doing probiotics and home made alkaline water for now ..
    1/2 cup fresh mint
    One cucumber washed and cut up
    One whole lemon cut up and a quarter size chunk of ginger peeled
    Put in pitcher and fill with water
    Let sit over night
    Then ready to drink
    Drink first thing in am ..
    This has been one of the worse things I’ve gone through..
    We need to also pray our way through and pray for each other..

  6. Had gallbladder out 4 weeks ago, stomach doesn’t really hurt, but it keeps churning over, anyone else had this?

  7. I had been suffering attacks for years before my gallbladder removal, though in hindsight I believe I had been experiencing symptoms since I was a teen. One hospital I had gone to were incredibly dismissive of me, wouldn’t give me anything for the pain, only took a urine sample and told me they guessed I had acid reflux and sent me home. I knew that wasn’t right so after more attacks, I tried a different hospital in a more rural area. Within minutes of checking in, they had me on morphine, took urine AND blood, and sent me for an ultrasound. It was my gallbladder, for sure. I ended up having it removed but my surgery came with complications. Halfway through, my surgeon stopped and had me sent for imaging. Apparently, it was very diseased and I required a drainage tube. Recovery was difficult and I certainly suffered a depressive episode due to the pain and physical trauma, but it was January and I was shut in, and I felt very lied to. I had been told by everyone around me that it would be a breeze with minimal pain and certainly no tube. No one spoke to me about what it might to do my mental health and when I found myself in physical hell and stuck in place, I went to a dark place mentally. If you’re reading this, please know that I am NOT trying to tell you not to have yours taken out. That tiny organ was slowly poisoning me and I am doing so great, now! It needed to be done, no way around it. But make sure to talk about the mental aspect of surgery before you do so.

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