Common Complications

Medical Malpractice – Bile Duct injury – Hepaticojejunostomy

my surgeon cut my small intestine and didn’t know and I was sent home. the next day my stomach was distended as big as it could get and I called my surgeon crying and explained to him how much pain I was in and he told me to tough it out and nothing is wrong […]

What happened after the gallbladder removal?

The consequence of losing gall bladder- a very yang organ is weight gain, hypothyroidism, depression, feeling cold and fatigue as the body losing fire or yang to keep up the metabolism. In Chi…nese medicine, the Gallbladder is a Yang organ and the Liver is its Yin organ partner and they work together, supporting and balancing […]

Truth – Anxiety problems after gallbladder removal. What’s going wrong?

Many patients list ‘Anxiety’ , ‘Stress’ and ‘depression’ as problems developed  Postcholecystectomy . Surgeons refuses to disclose this and many other Postcholecystectomy  complication risks as it would expose the truth about likely health risks being recorded as 40% Listen to what patients have to say. See below links to articles on possible causes also. Note: searching through thousands of […]

Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction: Managing the patient with chronic biliary pain

ISSN 1007-9327 CN 14-1219/R World J Gastroenterol 2006 June 28;12(24): 3793-3802 Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction: Managing the patient with chronic biliary pain Lana Bistritz, Vincent G Bain Lana Bistritz, Vincent G Bain, Division of Gastroenterology, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada Correspondence to: Vincent G Bain, MD, Division of Gastroenterology, Department of Medicine, University of Alberta, […]

Cardiac manifestations and sequelae of gastrointestinal disorders GORD -irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and autonomic-mediated palpitations

Cardiac manifestations and sequelae of gastrointestinal disorders July 2009    Volume 16, Issue 4   Br J Cardiol 2009;16:175–80 Authors: Charlotte Manisty, Ynyr Hughes-Roberts, Sam Kaddoura The relationship between cardiac and gastrointestinal disease is widely regarded as being a complex one – disorders of the two systems commonly co-exist, and the symptoms of angina pectoris are notoriously difficult […]

sphincter of Oddi (SOD) after Gallbladder Surgery

What is sphincter of Oddi dysfunction? Digestion, through which the human body transforms the food we eat into the energy we need, is a complex process. Most people know about the roles that saliva in the mouth and acid in the stomach play in digestion. However, other glands, chemicals, and muscles also play important roles […]

Bloating and Distension – Symptom of PCS

Understanding Bloating and Distension Bloating can be described as the feeling that there is an inflated balloon in the abdomen. It is a commonly reported symptom and is sometimes associated with distension, or the visible increase in the width of the area between your hips and chest (abdominal girth). Both bloating and distension cause discomfort, […]

Irritable Bowel Syndrome & Inflammatory Bowel Disease

History One of the first references to the concept of an “irritable bowel” appeared in the Rocky Mountain Medical Journal in 1950. The term was used to categorize patients who developed symptoms of diarrhea, abdominal pain, constipation, but where no well-recognized infective cause could be found. Early theories suggested that the irritable bowel was caused […]