Sever hair loss, excessive sweating and now H pylori and bacteria antigens due to removing my gallbladder 7 years ago. 7 years of changing my life style and resisting the time that im in right now, hoping and wishing I would figure out my autoimmune symptoms cause. I have finally put the pieces together by exhausting all avenues and information I’ve researched. But I feel extremely alone in all this, I think it has contributed to depression and anxiety, along with the medication I have taken since a young adult for a sleep disorder…and instead I am looked at with the idea I don’t handle life and stress, hence the hair loss and excessive sweating. I actually feel like I have fallen to the western medical system and my voice can’t be heard. I’m simply suffering from the wrong choice and this is how my body is reacting. It’s aging fast, my hair color says it all. I am far too young for this. I feel like Im sick from the inside out. I am clearly not digesting properly no matter how I try to adjust it. I have no support, and Im reaching out to anyone who is compassionate to try and assist me. I have sold my car, I am in debt from all the effort I tried putting into resolving this. I am living just to survive…macular degeneration, period. This isn’t in my head, what this is is poisoning me from my gut