“I too have pain everyday from having my gallbladder removed 5 years ago. I have been thru every test possible and they cant figure out whats causeing it. Im due for a check up the 6th and plan to address the issue once again with my family doc. I can only describe this pain as a burning sensation to the outer skin and very tender soarness on the inside, with sharp knife like jabs and frequent feelings of pressure like a pregnant woman feels when her baby’s feet get up under the rib cage (only this isnt a joyful feeling this time). THeres a sensation of pressure pushing out. Like a ball or a fist rolling just under the muscle from left to right on the upper right section of my abdomin where my gallbladder used to be. Often I have felt like the man on the alien movies expecting a small alien to pop its head out and hiss at any time. Im trying to paint this with humor because I have already shed a wash of tears over the pain today and the stress and feeling of hopelessness that haveing this pain daily for 5 years has caused me. I cant go out to eat with me friends unless its close to home. I have been treated for IBS which turned out to be a mistake because the meds caused me severe upset stomach. I am allergic to dairy so i always watch my intake, Im forbidden to eat even a tiny speck of lettuce because it causes so much destress to my system that I’ve missed work over it. I just want an answer as to what i might could do besides eat pain killers for the rest of my life. Even water makes me hurt. Sometimes your mind just gets so wrapped around the pain that you cant focus on anyhting else, not condusive for a full time job. Just praying that some where some one will figure this out and relief can be an obtainable thing instead of everyone saying sorry your out of luck. I probably would have kept the gallbladder had i know this was going to happen. Atleast then the huge stone in there that was twice the size a normal gallbladder is was a reason for the pain.