“It’s been 1 and 1/2 years post cholecystectomy and I still have a sharp pain on RT upper quad and RT flank pain.They have suggested the same issue with adhesions but I think the staples that is about 5-6 of them tends to rub against my costophrenic nerve and liver and biliary duct and no surgical procedure can take care of that.They have suggested visceral manupitation (sort of like deep tissue massage that can relif it or perhaps pain management clinic that can pin point the nerve).

You see removal of a gall bladder can be even done by your neighbor’s kid but complication takes a real surgeon to fix that.That’s why I should have researched and look for a good surgeon than a neighbour’s kid.If you catch my drift. There are so many butchers out there graduated from internet universities that you would not know who is who especially if you ened up in ER. Needless to mention that physicians are like gangester and watch each other’s ASS and would not admit to screw up. Don’t let any other MD to cut you open and do the fishing expedition.Take the more natural way!”