I had my gallbladder out ages ago and began having gallbladder attack pains. Stones in the duct were ruled out after being admitted to the hospital a couple of years after the surgery. I saw a gastroenterologist a year or so after that who basically gave up on trying to find out what was causing my attacks. A couple of years later, and after several more attacks I began researching it on my own. Low and behold I cam across sphincter of oddi dysfunction. Thank goodness, it seemed I found the answer. Then I took it a step farther and upon further research found that in some instances, to initiate an attack, a painkiller substance would be given to the patient, which would cause a reaction that brought about an attack. Knowing this I was able to retrace most of my instances of attacks and found that they were all during periods when I was on pain medication for whatever reason. Even cough syrup with codeine seemed to cause this. My problem is that I can’t seem to get a doctor to understand where I am coming from with this. Recently, I was rushed to the ER due to an auto accident. I told them over and over in the ER that pain medicine would cause me to have a bad reaction. But I was in so much pain from the accident they wanted to at least try. But no sooner had they given me the shot I began feeling agitated and within a few minutes I was having a full flown attack – all in the middle of a CT scan. I have been searching a hoping that I can find me a doctor who can back me up on this and help me determine if my findings are legitimate and if there is an alternative pain medicine I can specifically ask for in the hospital if something like this happens again. I am supposed to have a couple of surgeries but I have been putting them off because of fear of the pain and fear of having an attack. Is there anyone else who can trace their attacks to taking pain meds?