“Nessie — if they don’t find anything, ask to have your VitD/Calcium and pth checked. I have also struggled for 3 years. Have had 2 CT scans, 2 abdominal ultrasounds, a pelvic ultrasound and an MRI on my back. Had the same right abdominal pain that sometimes feels like it’s in the front and sometimes feels like it’s in my kidney area. They never found anything in any of my tests. They may look at you weird with the request for the above blood work but it could be something entirely outside your abdomen. The pain was my predominant symptom until this summer when it morphed into other symptoms like nausea, sometimes bad diarhea (diarrhea), ,insomnia, feeling hot – esp at night, and more. I finally found that many of my symptoms had to do with elevated parathyroid hormone which kicks in if your Vitamin D goes too low. Vit D deficiency is apparently a worldwide epidemic….but more especially among women my age (57). But…hopefully the ultrasound will tell you something and you won’t have to go down this long road of no answers like many on this site. Good Luck!!