“Hi everyone,
All of your symptoms sound very familiar to me. I had my gall bladder removed in 05 and found out i had over 70 stones! the surgery went well but about a year ago i started getting pain just like my gall bladder attacks- pain where my gall bladder used to be, severe back pain around my right shoulder blade, vomiting, sore muscles and extreme tiredness. I have seen nearly every dr possible it feels like from a gyno, neurologist, urologist and at the moment i am seeing a gastro specialist. Any tests i’ve had done have come back fine- i don’t have any new stones forming in the bile duct and no adhesions. I still get an attack at least every month and it always takes me a week to get over it. the dr suggested i go get a blood test done when i have an attack but my liver function is always fine.
I thought i must of been the only one with this problem as the doctors have no idea what to do next!, is there any other tests anyone has been through to figure this out?”