“My gall bladder was removed over 4 years ago due to severe attacks caused by a single stone about the size of a golf ball (have the pictures to prove it – unbelievable!).

My concern, however, is that although the digestive issues haven’t been that difficult to deal with (loose bowel occasionally depending on what I eat), I’ve experienced a steady decline in energy and have noticed some other physical changes, mostly relating to normal functioning . . . lower energy levels, accelerated aging, and decreased cognitive abilities (compared to before the operation).

If anyone can please provide some information concerning how this operation might affect things such as hormone levels (since as I understand, as a novice, hormones are dependent on proper fatty acid synthesis and that removing the gall bladder may affect this process) or nutrient absorbtion, it would be much apprciated. Also, anything you can offer regarding nutritional or dietary adjustments for post surgery patients would be great. Are there any supplements, etc., available that will replace the nutrients lost due to this surgery?

I just want to live normally with the energy levels back to where they were before, or at least close to it. Have a lot left to do with my life.

Best Regards,
Mike H.”